Friday, 10 January 2014

Burn for Burn: Post #1

So Danika and I decided that we were going to do a special post every segment of Burn for Burn that we read. For the first part (page 80 / Chapter 7) we decided that we would look more into characters and who they are as far as appearance and personality go. But an in-depth analysis of words and words and words is sort of boring, so instead we are going to be "creating" them, in a sense.

Using the Lord of the Rings character creator on This website allows you to dress, and develop characters in an intricate way. So, for each of the main characters (Lillian, Kat, and Mary) we will be creating how we imagine them, and through clothing and facial expression we can show what sort of personality they have. We have created only one rule for ourselves: Do not go off of the cover. And that is it. Sorry for the long intro...

Mary. Since I wanted to make all the characters different, and since Mary was last, it was a bit harder for me to create her. That being said, I really like how she turned out. I love her expression, and I think it especially captures the moment when she sees Reese. Oh, and this goes for all of the characters but I chose this background because it was sort of like what I imagined the court to be like at the school.

Other things that I would add/change if the creator let me:

  • Flats – probably just plain pink but maybe black with a bow on it
  • Cardigan/Sweater – I don't know... I always imagine Mary with an unzipped cardigan or sweater on, and this creator didn't have that option. I tried to add in longer sleeves to make up for it but I still think it would have been better to have my original thought put into the piece
  • Hair – the hair style that I thought best suited her was this one, but in my opinion, it's just not... right. I can't put my finger on it, but with a bit of searching I'm sure I could find it.
Lillia. I'm gonna be real honest. I don't really like Lillian in the story. Sure, she's nice and all, but... I don't know. Not my "type", I guess you could say. I had a lot of fun "making" her though! I really like her hair: it fits exactly the way I see her in my mind while reading! Her face and general look is pretty spot-on too, because I always imagine her wearing a bunch of makeup (rosy cheeks) and sort of... showing off her body a little more than she needs to. I chose to put her in a dress because she seems to me like the type of person that would care about her appearance (more than the other two), and this was the closest that I could get to the type of thing I was thinking of. As for the colour purple... I don't know, I sort of just always associated her with it. Oh, the random butterflies and blue fluff was kind f to make her "stick out" more, since she is "besties" with Rennie.

Other things that I would add/change if the creator let me:
  • Outfit – I would probably change the dress to be shorter to show more skin, and probably the style as well (although keep the neck, again, because it "shows"... stuff). I like the colour though!
  • Makeup – I so wish that there was an option to do more makeup on this creator! The blush and lips simply isn't enough! I mean, the story specifically points out that she was putting eyeliner on her Asian eyes!
Kat. I love Kat. I loved creating her too, and I think that it turned out super well! Her hair in this is so pretty! I want it!!! Her outfit is pretty spot-on too, because I sort of just imagine her as someone who doesn't really give a <insert bad word here>. I just put her in a red top (I associate her with the colour red... don't know why) and black leggings which looks pretty great I think.

Other things that I would add/change if the creator let me:
  • Hair – as much as I love it, it doesn't really fit the way I see her in my mind. I imagine it much much straighter. It's just that the creator didn't have a style like that so I went for this one which is fairly close and... you know... <3

So that is it for my first Burn for Burn post. I'm not really sure what the next post is going to be yet, but that will be coming on Sunday so stay tuned! What did you think about the characters in Burn for Burn? Also, go to the website and try creating your own versions of Mary, Lillia, and Kat. You can share it to me using instagram using the hashtag #burnforburnwithbri, or just post it on your own blog and leave the link below! Oh! Be sure to check out Danika's post as well, which will be going up later tonight. Happy reading!

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