Thursday, 6 September 2012


Like Julia and Danika from and my local library has organized a list of fun book-related challenges for individuals to complete. For this particular challenge they simply gave us a bunch of questions to answer about dystopia. Since this so happens to be my favourite genre of book, I have decided to share it with you.

Do you like dystopia? Why or why not?
I love dystopia! I love reading about the future, and all of those author's hypothesis' on how the world is going to be in 2020, 2040 et-cetera.

Of all of the dystopic books you have read, which ‘end of the world’ scenario do you think is the most realistic?
I honestly don't know what to choose. I've read a lot of science fiction novels, and all of them I can pull the sense out of (at least MOST of them). For example, in Delirium, love is a disese, and I can see how someone could mix that up. Also, this world is growing fairly corrupt, and to think that someone pulling together a murder game for children, may not be that far off.

Why do you think that people are obsessed with the end of the world?
Look outside your window, what do you see? You see murder, lies, stealing. Let's face it, the world is falling apart. People are wasting resorces and doing horrible things, and I think that everyone is finally realizing that.

What is your favourite dystopia novel?
Oh, this is SO hard. I love dystopian novels. I LOVE them. If I had to choose 1 though, I think that I would choose the Uglies series, The Hunger Games Trilogy, or The City of Ember series. They are all AMAZING and really encorage you to think outside the box.

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  1. Thoughtful answers! Just wondering... Would divergent/insurgent be on your favourite dystopian book list now? Also, maybe you could add a bit to the question about why you like dystopia. I'd be curious to know more!