Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Bookmarks with Books - Matching #2

I have gotten a couple requests (some in person, some online) to make another on of these, so here it is!

The first match I have decided to make is Beneath the Glitter by Elle and Blair Fowler with a bookmark that says, "It's a girl thing!" on it. I have decided on this match because 1) The colours are both girly (syterotype, but still) 2) The book is targetted towards girls and so is the bookmark and 3) The cute dog on the cover looks like it  could bundle up with that pile of stuff on the cover!

The second match I have made is Twilight by Stephanie Meyer with a red, magnetic bookmark. I thought that this would be a good match because of the red on both the bookmark and the book. The bookmark will bring out the apple in the cover. Also, the bookmark is small and doesn't peak out very much so it doesn't draw too much attention and will keep the cover the centre of attention. And, although this doesn't have anything to do with why I chose this bookmark, there is a quote on it. On the front it says, "Books are the most quietest and constant of friends," by Charles W. Eliot. On the back, there is another saying. It is, "Hold that thought."

The last, but defiantly not least of the matches is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I have matched this book with a bookmark that is blue and has cupcakes on it. It also has, in a cute font, "Sweet!" I decided to do this because they are both blue and I think that the cupcakes will add a little bit of colour to the plain blue, black and white cover of The Fault in Out Stars.

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