Friday, 19 October 2012

Divergent Book Review

         Divergent is another dystopian themed novel, complete with action and intrigue, romance and hate, war scenes and meadows. But most of all, Divergent is about a single choice. Every single person, after turning age 16, must choose which faction to belong in: Candor the honest or Abnegation the selfless or Dauntless the brave or Erudite the knowledgeable or Amity the peaceful. This is nearly impossible for Beatrice though, after finding out what the results were for her test. However, the real question is hidden under layers of lies, which Beatrice has to uncover… Before it’s too late.
         I loved Divergent SO much! After reading this, I have concluded that it was 4.5/5, a must read, and one of my all-time favourite books. I read it in all of my extra time, and stayed up as long as my body would allow just finishing it off! I loved all the characters, and how much the story pulled me in. Every time I finished a chapter I decided that one more chapter wouldn’t hurt. Then that one chapter turned into two, then three… The plot was very fast paced – very me – and was extremely descriptive. I was with the characters – Beatrice, Four, Christina, Will – every single one! This wouldn’t have been possible if the characters weren’t well developed. The only thing that is a down-side to this book is the society. Veronica Roth, the author, obviously spent a lot of time planning out the plot, characters, and ity-bity details, but somehow missed the government. It was a bit confusing to understand why and how the society formed, although that lack of information didn’t pull this read down. I would defiantly recommend it to anyone 11 or over (kisses and inappropriate content references did occur throughout the book)… Please read it.


  1. Hello there! Just some feedback for you upon your request.

    1. You talk a lot about not wanting to put the book down and how much you liked it. In fact, 96 words were about this. That's nearly a third of the entire review! and about a half of the critique. It gets repetitive, so tone it down a bit. Awesome that we get your enthusiasm though! :)

    2. Good job assessing the negative points... We need some more government detail!

    3. I like the recommendations section, but I have to say I don't agree with the age you chose. I would recommend 13+.

    4. You seemed to talk about surface elements but didn't really dig deep. I am 100% positive you can go deeper and talk about author choices, theme, and character development with some of those 96 words focusing on the awesomeness of the books.

    I critiqued to help you, but I really enjoyed the review! I really loved your enthusiasm and I can tell you're passionate about reading and books- a true bibliophile! :)

  2. Try taking out the or between the factions in your summary paragraph and use commas. Why was it 4.5 not 5 stars. I mean you said you love it. On to another topic, why could you not say what the secret is? I have read the book and if anyone has read a bit of it they would know the secret is. Overall though you did a fantastic job. It seems as though you have put a lot of thought into it. I really liked how you discussed Veronica Roth's thought into the plot and setting. I totally agree.