Monday, 21 October 2013

Bookish Halloween Tag

Here's my story: I wanted to do a tag. I wanted to do something halloween related. I decided to do this post.

In my search for halloween book tags, I came across this one which was posted on the 14th of October on TheLibraryOfSarah's channel. I thought it would be fun, so I've decided to do it. No I was not tagged, but who follows those rules anymore... Right?

What is your favourite horror book?
Um... Well, I'm kind of sorry to say that I haven't read, like, any horror. Probably the scariest book that I've read that I've really enjoyed was Between by Jessica Warman. It's not really that scary, really. It's just a murder mystery that is actually super good.

What is the scariest moment in a book you've read?
I'm going to choose an instance from the book that I am almost done reading, The Darkest Minds. Hopefully most of you have read the book so you can read on without getting spoiled. Yeah, SPOILER ALERT. .......... Okay, you know that cliffhanger on page 392 when Liam scared the tofu (yes, I just swore with the word tofu... it's bad enough to swear with, okay?) out of everyone? That part where he is like, "Hello, my name is Liam. Don't think we've met." All that was going through my head was *beep* *beeping* Clancy I am going to slit your *beeping* throat!!!!!! You ruined him! But, yeah... No. As much as I like you Liam, just, not cool. Not cool.

Would you or have you ever dressed up as a book character for Halloween?
I haven't yet! I really want to, and I actually have a Halloween costume video/blog post coming up by this Wednesday for Becky from Variant. Yes... A costume and a video. Get excited! Whoot whoot!

What do you think your favourite character would dress up as for Halloween?
Favourite character, hey? I'm going to go with June from Legend for this one. And I'm going to be quite literal, as far as dressing up goes. I think she would go out as a spy, wearing all black and possibly an eye patch (wait... that's a pirate. *derp*).

What is your favourite kind of horror? (gore, psychological thriller, spooky)
I can't really handle anything too scary (not that I've branched out or anything), so I prefer to go for spooky. A bit of gore and fighting scenes are pretty great though.

If books were as cheap as candy, which one would you give out to trick-or-treaters?
Good question! Um, well I would probably give out Variant by Robison Wells because that book is just so good and it has some pretty alarming parts in it... Beware. *evil laugh*

Halloween to-read list?
I made a seperate post for this! Check out my October TBR (#1 and #2).

Do you have any recommendations for some Halloween reads?
As I said, I don't really read scary (not until this year), so the only books that I can really recommend are the ones that I mentioned in this post as well as The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. Not really scary; not really too spooky either. But honestly – kids have powers that can kill people, and that ends up creating crazy turns and an awesome story. Read it now!

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  1. Thanks for tagging me, this was a lot of fun!! And supeer excited about your costume blog post, can't wait to see it!!!!!! :D