Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Dress Up: Becky from Variant

I was looking through my books and their covers and this same thought kept on passing through my mind – I could and should recreate one of these outfits. So, that is what you see here! All of the items that I used to create this outfit are super cheap and vague, so hopefully this outfit will be easy enough for you to get into your wardrobe.
This outfit was inspired from Becky, a character from Variant by Robison Wells. Becky is a pretty “special” but put-together character, and this outfit shows that. Becky was wearing a pinky-red long-sleeved top. I got mine from Superstore for super cheap. It was maybe 5 dollars, and it fits the description perfectly. The skirt that I am wearing comes from Gap, and I actually received it as a gift a while back and have no idea how much it costs and whether or not it’s still in stock.

The leggings that I have on are just plain black, so any pair of these will work, but the ones that I got are from Costco – super cozy and nice! Finally, Becky chose to wear a necklace in the book, but I didn’t have one to put on. Any necklace will work for this though, so go wild!
Now I’m sure you are wondering, what about the shoes!? Well, this book did actually not describe what the shoes were, and the cover didn’t give a clue either. This gave me the chance to choose whatever I wanted to. In the end I went with some black flats with a strap coming across the top of the foot. I could so easily picture Becky rocking these shoes, especially with the flower detailing on the side. Also, the strap makes for better running shoes! With the shoes I just put on some black socks, which are actually toe socks (may I add).
            That’s about all there is to this outfit. Short, simple, sweet, pretty, and put-together, just like Becky was in the book! You could possibly even wear this out to Halloween, although I’m not sure anyone would be able to distinguish who you are. Except, you know, the crazy geek over here.
            The main thing that really stood out to me about the description of this outfit in the text was how much skin was (or actually... wasn't) showing. She wore a long sleeve shirt, a pair of leggings with a shirt. Our society now is so showy when they don't need to be. I myself even wear my leggings without a skirt/shorts – and I am not considered someone to show off like that.
Another thing that stood out to me was the bracelet. In Variant, students are given the choice between a necklace, a watch and a bracelet. In the book, Becky chose a necklace. I think that the author did this to make her a more sophisticated character. I always imagine people like Becky wearing something around her neck, whether it be a scarf or a necklace. It really added to her identity. I’m sure there is some further reasoning into why she chose a necklace in the later books as well.
I hoped you enjoyed this little post about Becky and her outfit! Let me know if you would like me to “dress up” as anyone else. I was thinking Throne of Glass or Unraveling. What do you think? And happy reading!

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  1. Brianna this is SO cool!!!!! I haven't read Variant yet (I'm on it, I promise!) but it seems like you really looked into the character, awesome. :D Are you going to wear this for halloween or just for fun? That'd be pretty cool:) :) And I would love to see more of these! :D

    PS. This totally makes me want to read Variant even that possible? Super excited!!! :)