Monday, 29 April 2013

M.A.S.H.: Book Edition

During my read-a-thon that I did on April 29th, 2013, I took breaks. On one of those breaks I decided to do M. A. S. H. in book edition. I saw Jesse from jessethereader on YouTube do this, and it looked like a lot of fun so I did it during on of my breaks. For each of the categories I chose one good (green), one bad (red), and one okay (blue) choice. I also made each of my choices/submissions come from different books. Then I did that swirl thing, and my number was 5. This is what happened...

M. A. S. H.

Cas from Altered
Alex from Delirium
Thomas from The Maze Runner

Godspeed from Across the Universe
New Beijing from Cinder
London from A Great and Terrible Beauty

Gamemaker from The Hunger Games
Guardian from The Treachery of Beautiful Things
Matcher from Matched

Colours (choices came from book covers)
Red from Blood Red Road
Blue from The Archived
Yellow from The Diamond of Darkhold

Train from Divergent and Insurgent
Hoverboard from Uglies
Boat from Gone

Numbers (of kids)
7 from Harry Potter
2 from Legend (Day and June)
5 from The Beacon Street Girls

Dog from Dog Lost
Cat from Warriors
Fenris from Sisters Red

Best Friend
Laurel from Wings
Penryn from Angelfall
Lindsey from An Abundance of Kathrines

So... I will live in a shack in London working as a Match Maker. I will get around London in my yellow overboard. I will marry Alex, have 5 kids, have a pet cat and be best friends with Lindsey Lee Wells.

That's my life! Be sure to check out Jesse's video as well. Also, I'm really interested to see all of your M. A. S. H. games in book edition. Comment below with a blog link and I will be sure to check out your post. Happy reading!

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