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Remember Me Book Review

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Remember Me
Author: Nadia Adjari
# of Pages: 48
Reading Span: A Half Hour
Rating: ****

Remember Me was an enjoyable book that I bought signed a couple years ago when it came out. Since then, I haven't picked it up an read it... until spring break. I was in the mood for something short and easy to read, so I sat down and took 30 minutes to read Remember Me. I'm really glad that I did.

The characters were likeable enough, and I praise Nadia Adjari for developing them as well as she did in 48 pages (which in reality is only 37). And if you are following me on goodreads, you would know that this book made me cry. I cried sometime in the end scene, when the characters... sorry, can't say. Spoilers! But anyways, I could relate to the characters and so I gladly followed their story, interested in finding out what would happen next.

Though the characters were good and fit nicely into the skinny book, I feel like other elements were a bit rushed such as a love interest, and the plot. The relationship between the two of the characters formed too quickly, especially since it didn't start up until about half-way through the book. Also, many of the events leading up to the resolution hap
pened to quickly which resulted in an unrealistic story. That being said, I could still relate to Tessie's story. It's like real-life but on fast-forward. I could also see the ending from a long way off, although that wasn't too big of a deal.

One of the other things that made this book more enjoyable for me was the setting. The story took place in Calgary, Alberta, and I have indeed, been there before. So when Nadia spoke of a couple shopping centres and a bus system I got really excited because I knew where they were. I felt like I was right along with Tessie, revisiting Calgary with a friend. Even if you haven't been to Calgary before, the writing was good enough that you can still picture the place in your mind and enter into Tessie's world.

The writing style of this book was nothing special, but I think it could be. I really hope that Nadia continues to write, as this book shows much potential for future books. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads, and I defiantly recommend this book to anyone over the age of 10 who can get their hands on it.

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