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Top Ten Books On My Summer TBR List

Sorry this is up a bit late, but when I saw when it was I was really excited and wanted to do it. I had actually already made a list with the Library Event of 2013. Actually, I turned the list into a short story. I wasn't originally going to post it on here, for copyright reasons, but I have decided to go forward with it anyways. Enjoy! (The top ten are bolded.)
Top Ten Books On My Summer TBR List – June 18th

I kneel in front of The Iron King, the leader of Heist. He is wearing a Ruby Red robe, and stares down at me. It's of the friendly sort, not the kind you would expect from a King. But there it is.
"BZRK Motley. You are about to graduate, correct?"
"Yes, sir."
"Mhmmm. Yes. Well. I think you know about The Scorpio Races then. It should have been in one of your year 10 classes."
I am stunned into silence. The Scorpio Races? What is that all about? I'm for sure not smart enough to be accepted into that debate race, and even if I was, I'm a Human.4. Nobody would want me and - My thoughts are cut off by his polite words.
"BZRK, you did learn about it, correct?"
"Yes, sir."
"Well then. This year you have been invited by Mrs. Conally and I to join 19 other students in the race. This year the debate is on Going Vintage, and how technology has helped and/or hindered us. I will give you a week to make your decision on whther or not to take part. You may tell your parents, by no one else. Understood?" he finishes.
"Yes s-" I am cut off again by a loud knock on the royal doors.
"Oh, for heaven's sake. Who Could That Be At This Hour?" The King rolls his eyes, "Come in."
It turns out to be a slim lady, also dressed in a red robe. Must be the dress code. The mysterious girl walks straight up to the King, and starts wispering frantically. I pretend not to pay attention, but I do catch Fragments of their conversation.
"Candidates... Scorpio Races... Pushy..." Sighing, the King gets up from his throne and adresses me.
"Well, it was great speaking with you, Miss Motley, and I do wish I could stay, but duty calls. I do suggest you consider this though. Joust think about what you could do with the grand prize... The Moon and More is at your finger tips."
"I'll do it," I say suddenly and stand, "I'll do it, sir." He nods, as if I had done nothing wrong.
"Good choice, BZRK."
The room I enter is big. I feel uncomfortable here, in the midst of all these rich people. You got accepted just as much as they did, it's OK, I chant to myself. It's not working. Instead, I try distracting myself by staring down the furniture. There is a long glass table in the center, with 22 chairs seated around it. Other then that, there's me, 19 other kids, and woman who I can only guess is Mrs. Conally, and the King.
"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Scorpio Races. Please, take a seat." We all scramble for chairs. Then we listen to a short speech about the Scorpio Races and their effect on society.
"It's a way of getting everyone's opinion on a certain matter. I feel like often times the young people are ignored in a society, so I'm going to make the Heist Society different. The prize is just a bribe." A few moments later, we are introduced to our debate topic once again, and are asked to draw a slip of paper out of a hat.
"On each of these slips is either an "f" or an "a". An "f" means that you are going to be arguing for the matter, and an "a" means that you will be against." I pull out a sheet, unravelling it slowly. PLease let it be an f... I know a whole bunch of reasons why technology is good... Unfortunately, a big fat "a" stares back at me.
"Shoot," I mutter under my breath.
The King heard me, "What was that, Miss Motley?"
"Oh. It was nothing sir, just a cough."
"Well now, we don't want your cough to get any worse, now do we? Why don't you start? Please stand."Shoot. What are you going to do, BZRK? You have nothing to say! 
Knees shaking, I press to my feet. The first few moments are awkward, filled with a ton of "um's" and so's". But then, a miracle happens, and words start tumbling out of my mouth. I speak of the ways that technology isn't good for us like I had been studying it my whole life. I'm amazed at myself. Then I finish, out of breath.
"Well, thank you, Miss Motley. Next please." For the next hour and a half I watch each of the other students stand and makes their speeches. All of a sudden, it's over, and I feel numb inside. This could mean so so much, but it could also mean so so little.
Thank-you for joining us here today. Tomorrow, please come to Town Sqaure, promptly at 10 o'clock a.m. for the winner reveal. You are dismissed."
The silence kills me. It's like every student has died, and they're just corpses of the body they used to be. We stand in a straight like around the stage, waiting for the King. After what seems like an eternity, he enters. Mrs. Conelly is with him, holding a trophy.
"Thnaks for coming on time, everyone. I really appreciate it. Now, I'm not going to bore you with a long talk, as I'm sure you're all eager to see who won this massive prize. I'm just going to take a bit of your time and talk about what the prize consists of. Not only is this trophy made of real gold, but whoever wins gets 10 billion dollars and a chance to live in my palace with their family for 10 years." The crowd stirs.
"Now trust me on this, it was very difficult to choose a winner for this event. But, myself and Mrs. Conelly have come to the decision that BZRK Motley is the rightful owner." My ears ring. My breathing comes to a halt.
"M-m-me?" I stutter.
"Yes, you, Miss Motley. Congratulations, and welcome to my home."

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