Saturday, 7 December 2013

Book Series I'm Not Planning on Finishing

I did a post on this a while ago but after looking back on it, I realize that my opinions have changed a lot and I've read a lot more books that I'm not interested in continuing.

  1. Silverwing Series by Kenneth Opal: I read the first book in this series in 2010 and I flew through it. I'm pretty sure it's the first "real" book that I read in one day. That being said, I read the second on in 2011 and I found that I didn't really like it too much anymore. I think I'll just leave my love with this series, and more on.
  2. Janie Johnson Series by Caroline B. Cooney: The first two books in this series we seriously so good. Then I started the third one... Not gonna lie, it wasn't the best thing ever. I would probably like them more now that I'm older, but there are so many books that I would rather leave so again, I'm gonna leave this series be with all my love.
  3. Tempest Series by Tracey Deebs: This choice really surprises myself, actually. I really liked the first book in this series, which I read this summer. Liked as in 4.5-or-5-star-rating liked. That being said, I remember the book ending pretty decently, and I'm just happy with it the way it is. I may regret saying this later...
  4. A Great And Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray: This one goes back to the Tempest Series thing. I liked the first book, was happy with it, now I can move on. It's as simple as that. Plus, the last book sort of scares me, and when I tried reading the second book it didn't really work for me anyway.
  5. Tomorrow Series by John Marsden: I read this book in grade 7 for school, and I really liked it. It doesn't get enough attention this one. But... When I think of going through 6 more books of the same thing, the idea isn't appealing enough to read on. Although it is appealing, so go and read it if you haven't... If that makes any sense at all...
  6. Gone Series by Michael Grant: *cringes* This book was okay, it really was. It was a lot of fun, but nothing much happened in the pages that I read and seeing that these books are over 500 pages each! Meh, not for me. Not good enough to invest my time in. Begone (I love puns...).
  7. Warriors Series by Erin Hunter: I read these when I was younger but then I just... stopped. I would actually continue them if I liked middle grade books more, so if you do like that sort of thing then pick these books up! If not... then try something else like me. No shame.
  8. Visions Series by Lisa McMann: Meh. Just meh. This book wasn't anything special to me. Just a book that is quick and easy to get through because of it's shallowness. If you want to complete your goal... Maybe try this. But I wouldn't recommend it for any other reason.
  9. The Luxe Series by Anna Godberson: I was literally so happy when I finished this. I can understand why other people would like it, but it just wasn't my thing.
  10. Eve Trilogy by Anna Carey: I didn't like the story, didn't like the protagonist. Weak, weak, weak. Enough said, I'm sorry to say.
  11. Matched Trilogy by Allie Condie: Same reason as Eve. Not gonna lie.
  12. Stargirl Duology by Jerry Spinelli: This book was alright, and it defiantly left me happy, but I'm not really in the mood for the sequel and I honestly don't think I'll ever be. Try to convince me otherwise. I'll be happy to comply... Maybe.
  13. Wings Series by Aprilynne Pike: Fairies have never been my thing, so I can understand why I didn't like this book. If you like that sort of thing, I would encourage you to read it though!
That is for sure not all, but this post has a fair list in it so I think I'll leave it for later. If you are interested in seeing the rest of my list be sure to left me know in the comments below. I would also love to know which series you aren't interested in anymore! But now... until next time... happy reading!

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