Friday, 6 December 2013

Discussion Question (1)

I have decided that I will be doing this thing every time I come across something that sparks my interest. It's exactly how it sounds: I will be asking a question about a book that I am curious about, and then we can have a discussion down in the comments.

For this first one, I was thinking about Peeta and Cato after watching the movie. In the book, Katniss overhears Glimmer and Cato talking about Peeta, and whether or not they should kill him.

Glimmer: "Don't you think we should just kill her now?"

Cato: "No, she's out best chance of finding her [Katniss]."

So my question is... Why didn't Cato and the other careers kill Peeta once that they had Katniss stuck in a tree? Was it because they thought he could be useful (Cato does mention something about Peeta being good with a knife, and he is smart with his ideas of, for example, "killing" Katniss), or something else? Let's discuss!

Thanks to this website for the mockingjay pin image!


  1. I really like this idea for a post! I also love the little picture that you made. My thoughts would be that they know they're going to have to figure out how to kill Katniss eventually, and he could still be potentially useful. I think they also figured he'd be an easy person to turn on in the end - once they used his services as a guard and his other strengths, they would have no trouble finishing him off at any given time. I also believe Peeta was taking watch so they couldn't kill him as well when he's awake. What do you think, do you agree?

    One thing is that you mixed up the genders in the quote haha! It should say Glimmer: "Don't you think we should just kill him now?"
    Cato: "No, he's our best chance of finding her [Katniss]."

    Just thought I'd point that out so it's not confusing. :) Anyways, love the idea and love the post!

    1. Yeah this is such an awesome idea. :) And I would definitely have to agree with Danika that they weren't quite done with Peeta yet. I think they (Glimmer, Cato) were the type of people who didn't really have much compassion (who would, in this setting?), and they were willing to drain out every bit of usefulness they could from everyone they were "allies" with. But I think that in the end, their want for more and more from the other competitors definitely backfired. Interesting question!

    2. Yeah, I agree with both of you but it just came to me and I was like... hmmm. It's wasn't really explained so it could be anything haha. I'm excited to continue the series!