Friday, 21 March 2014

DNF Book Review: Just One Day

Title: Just One Day
Author: Gayle Forman
# of pages: 368
Series #: 1
Reading Span: February 21st - DNF
Rating: DNF

Ugh... How far did I even get into this? A little over 100 pages? Maybe a little less?

This book was so boring!
Okay, so at first I thought it was sort of cool... Whoa! Look at all of the different places that she's going. I love travel, though I don't do it very often (in the "extreme" way like this), so this was super cool for me. Unfortunately, it went downhill from there...

"Where should we go next?"
"The coffee shop." 
"Mhmmm... yummy coffee."

Sure, it's not exactly like that, but that's sure what it felt like to me. And who wants to read about a coffee shop when they can get that themselves?

The bothersome main character...
Man did I dislike her. At first I thought, okay, she's cool. But after reading it and thinking about it I'm so shocked that my feelings took so hard to hit me. She was just so plain, boring, and a wanna be. Okay, okay, I didn't finish the book so I didn't really experience the whole "finding herself" part but come on... I think I'm supposed to like her a little more than that.

"Willem's leaving me!"
"Oh wait, just kidding..."
"Look at my gorgeous friend"
"Look at how plain and ugly I am"
"Let's change my name and be someone else!"

Now I'm sure it goes deeper than that but it bothered me enough that I had to stop reading.

The unrealistic aspect of it all was so, so bad
Once upon a time, there was a girl who went on a trip to Europe with a summer group. Then she meets a guy and decides, oh, I love him because he's attractive. Then the girl decides to go on another trip with the guy she just met... Her parent's would never know, of course, because they are just that oblivious, and the guy isn't a psychopath because psychopath's don't decide to take you on a trip, especially if you just met them.

Sounds dumb, right? Well that's the basic storyline of Just One Day, up until the point I read, at least. It was so unrealistic that I had a hard time caring. That's probably part of the reason that the main character (and other characters too, might I add) bothered me so much. They weren't real.

Ah, the problems...
Despite what I just said above, I think that all of you should check it out. Just One Day wasn't my book, but I can see why it may be yours. Below I have left a list of other review's that I have enjoyed reading about this book as well, all having different opinions. Have fun reading!

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