Thursday, 6 March 2014

GINS Quote Art

We're almost at the end of our novel study with a post on word art. The purpose of this assignment was to artistically illustrate a quote that spoke to us in our novel. For me, this quote was found on page two. 
"Hold onto your dreams as tightly as you hold to the branches."

This quote holds a great significance to my novel. Tree Girl is all about finding your way when times are tough, and the hardships could, and will happen. The name "Tree Girl" comes from the main character's love of climbing trees, which is what "branches" is referring to in the text. Sometimes, it's easy to let go of your dreams, but this novel (and quotation) expresses the importance of holding onto them tight.

Before I go into why I chose to create my word art the way that I did, I just want to say that I was trying to resemble the cover. I think it turned out quite well, actually. Anyway...

If I had to be honest, my word art is quite plain, but I like it this way. I could have easily changed different attributes of different words, but to be brutally honest, the singular words don't stick out to me. It's the phrase as a whole that brings out meaning and power. By changing some random words, I thought it would look random and distracting, so I kept it the way it is. As for the girl holding her hands up to the tree branches, this is showing her openness to dreaming and climbing the trees. Even the black silhouette was chosen intentionally. I wanted to include the black mystery of it all. That person could be anyone... even you.

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