Friday, 8 March 2013

#FridayReads - March 8th, 2013

#FridayReads was started over on Twitter and it is where you share what book(s) that you will be reading that weekend. It was then brought over to YouTube by Bunny Cates, and I'm now bringing it over to Blogger.

This weekend I am going to be reading The Archived by Victoria Schwab. It is about a place called the Archive which is where Histories, which are basically ghosts, are kept. Librarians organize them and keep them, and keepers fetch them if they escape from the Archive into the Narrows. Our main character, Mackenzie, is a Keeper which means a dangerous life. Not only that, but it is a constant reminder of her losses. Her grandfather, Da, died a few years ago, but now with her little brother gone as well she starts to wonder, and starts uncovering information. Someone is altering the Archive, erasing essential chapters, and it's Mac's job to piece them together before it falls apart. I am about 24% through, and since I am away from school today (and of course the weekend) I will be able to read quite a bit.

If I end up finishing The Archived I will continue reading Across the Universe by Beth Revis, which I have also started. I am only a few pages in (pg. 48). In this novel there is a spaceship called Godspeed which will take humanity on a 300 year journey to another earth. These people are frozen so that they don't age or die before they arrive on the new planet, but suddenly Amy is awoken from her slumber... Meaning someone tried to murder her. Amy, with the help of Elder, must find out who unplugged her, and uncover the secrets of Godspeed.

What are you reading this weekend? Post a video response to Bunny's weekly video on YouTube, tweet it on Twitter, or comment below with your answer or a blog post URL. Happy reading! ~ Brianna

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