Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Top Ten Favourite Secondary Characters

It's tuesday! And you know what that means... Top Ten Tuesday! Today it's all about secondary characters!

Top Ten Favourite Secondary Characters – Aug. 27
  1. Peony from Cinder: I absolutely LOVE that girl! She is so sweet, and really sees the best in Cinder while everyone around her sees the worst. I wish she was real so I could go and meet her and be BFFL's!
  2. Finnick from The Hunger Games: I'm going to pull a Jaime here and pick Finnick (I always want to call him Finn-Finn... Why? Why?) Who could go wrong here? Finnick is strong, witty, and overall a great person. I just... He's just plain awesome, okay?
  3. Cinna from The Hunger Games: Is it cheating choosing two of the same person that Jaime did? Pffft, oh well. Cinna is pretty great as well. I love his personality. "I'm here to make you give an impression." <3
  4. Edgar from Between The Lines: If you have read this book then you will know that Oliver is the love interest. You know, I do not understand Delilah sometimes. How could you be falling for Oliver when EDGAR is thrust at your face. I know who I was rooting for in the triangle.
  5. Darren from The Immortal Rules: Darren is such a sweet guy, and trusted in Allie even when everyone (even Zeke) didn't. SPOILER!!!!!!! I was so heartbroken when he died! SPOILER OVER!!!!!!
  6. Jane from Variant: Sweet. Loving. Jane. What's not to love? SPOILER!!!!!!! Oh, I don't know, that she isn't real? Well, I didn't know that then, and I really like the real Jane in Feedback anyway. SPOILER OVER!!!!!!
Now I know that isn't a list of ten, but the ones above are my favourites out of the ones that I actually can remember the names of. I decided that I would not include characters like Jace (City of Bones), Four (Divergent), David (Uglies), and Peeta (Do I really have to say?) even though I love them all, because they are basically the main character.

What are your top tens? I would love to see them! I will defiantly check them out and hey, maybe I'll even subscribe. Will you return the favour?

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  1. Finnick is on my list too, and many others. His story is just so sad and unforgettable.