Thursday, 29 August 2013

Truth or Dare Book Review

Title: Truth or Dare
Author: Jacqueline Green
# of Pages: 389
Series #: 1
Reading Span: 2 days
Rating: *****


First of all, I haven't read Pretty Little Liars, so I have nothing to compare this book to, like many people have in other reviews.
Truth or Dare is about 3 girls who, after a game of truth or dare at a party, keep on receiving dares long after the game is over. Throughout this book the three girls try to figure out who is sending these dares.
This book was so suspenseful! For most of the book I had no idea who was sending these dares, and when I did guess correctly, I didn't entirely relieve myself until the characters knew as well.
The plot of this book picked up very quickly. The party came up within the first few chapters (although the chapters are pretty long) and then BANG! Everything exploded from there. Although I must admit, the brginning was a bit confusing, and I had trouble remembering who each of the characters were and where they fit into all three of the different characters story.

I really enjoyed the writing style. It wasn't "beautiful", per say, but I really did enjoy reading it. The three different character perspectives were great as well. I loved seeing who each of the characters thought was sending them the dares.

As for the characters in his book, I really enjoyed them (for the most part). I really loved Caitlin and Sydney - I could understand what they were groin through and I was very happy when they were able to push through it. They were overall, very kind and likeable, and they were both the type of people that I would choose as friends in real life. Tenly wasn't my favourite. I thought that she cared too much about herself, and was jus plain mean. I had trouble following her story for quite a bit of the book for those reasons. I eventually warmed up to her, but I would have rather liked her straight from the beginning and then get to know her from there. On a more positive note, the side characters were great Calum was sweet, quirky, and nerdy; Guinness was romantic (view spoiler); Tim was laid-back and kind; Emerson was fun and caring. The parents of all three of the girls also played a role in the story, which I really liked as well.

The ending of this book was partially expected and partially not. I guessed the last "dare", and who the dared was, but other than that it was crazy! I need the next book now! There were a couple of questions unanswered in the end about the "mystery man", and Caitlin's dreams, but I am hoping that they will be answered in he next book. Also, the ending had me crying. Not just a few tears rolling down my cheeks, but the whole sha-bang.
(view spoiler)

I defiantly recommended to check out Truth or Dare by Jacqueline Green, but I would wait a couple years until all three books in the trilogy are out so that you can go through all of them without having to deal with the crazy cliffhanger. 5/5 stars.

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  1. Yay! Thanks for this review! I love these kinds of books and can't wait to get my hands on it. Awesome. :D

    PS. How did you do the spoilers thing! :)

    ~ Kalindee :)

    1. No problem! I had fun writing it. And you're right... You need it in your life! Aha.

      As for the spoilers, I just copied and pasted from Goodreads so I don't really know... Like, do they work or not? Aha. Thanks for stopping by!