Thursday, 19 September 2013

Chopsticks Book Review

Title: Chopsticks
Author: Jessica Anthony
# or Pages: 272
Series #: Not a part of a series
Reading Span: One sitting (September 3rd)
Rating: ****

This book is beautiful story about a girl named Glory who is a piano prodigy – raised by her single father. The plot follows Glory as she falls in love and deals with the struggle of having a single dad.

Chopsticks is told in photos, which was a great, unique idea that Anthony pounced on. It was so engaging to study the pictures and figure out for myself what was happening. You know the saying: Show not tell! That being said, the story was sometimes hard to follow and at times I had no idea what was going on.

Glory was a great character that I cheered for through to the end. Since that I play the piano, I could relate to her – especially since I procrastinate and play my favourite songs instead of what I'm supposed to play all the time. Frank was also a good character, and I can't think of anything that I didn't like about him on his own. The romance between the two (Glory and Frank) though, was not my favourite thing. To me, Frank didn't seem good enough for Glory. It's like Frank always needed Glory by his side (Glory also had these "longings" but it was for different purposes. More on that later). Typical. I feel like I would have enjoyed the story more if I cared more about the romance.

The wrestle that Glory had with her father was really awesome – probably my favourite part of the plot line. It was so heart-breaking to hear about how Glory's father was treating her, and how upset he got when Glory messed up. I felt sorry for Glory, in these situations. She was lonely and wanted to see the one that she truly loved, and her father didn't sympathize whatsoever. He was just so stuck in his own thoughts that he never cared to think about how his daughter was feeling. It's so sad, because not only is this a problem for Glory, it is also a very real circumstance in the real world.

So do I recommend that you read this? Yes, I do. No, it's not life-changing. No, it's not the best book that I've ever read. But it is an engaging read that sends out a good message that needs to be addressed. Plus, it won't take very much of your time. Heck, I read this book in one setting. So please, at least borrow this book from your library.

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