Saturday, 21 September 2013

Going Vintage Book Review

Title: Going Vntage
Author: Lindsey Leavitt
# of Pages: 320
Series #: Not a part of a series
Reading Span: August 30th - August 31st
Rating: ***/

Going Vintage is a fun, cheesy, contemporary read about a girl named Mallory who gets cheated on by her boyfriend, Jeremy. And not just from any girl. Her boyfriend cheats on her with a cyber-girlfriend. Mallory then decides to go vintage and to de-moderize her life. And when she finds a list from 1962 that her grandmother wrote, she gets the inspiration to follow through.

The plot starts off pretty slow. Mallory is complaining and complaining again about the break-up, and that's pretty much the only thing we see in the first little bit. Sure, we meet her family, which in the long run are important to the story, but really, nothing kicks off until Oliver shows up. I couldn't put it down, simply because it was so easy to get through and I felt that I really liked him. Mallory was alright, although she could be quite annoying sometimes. None-the-less, I found myself growing more attached to her as the story continued on. And Jeremy angered me, right from the start. Leavitt did a good job of him... As far as the relationships go, Oliver and Mallory were so cute together, and I really enjoyed reading about the bond that Mallory had to her sister, Ginnie. Ginnie was actually probably my favourite characters, because I could relate to her the easiest and I loved her endearing thoughts and choices.

Now, the plot-line was very very cheesy (as well as easy-to-get-through). If you are looking for a good romance, this book is not for you. I think that it could have been that book if it was done a bit differently. For one, Mallory had practically no trouble with staying off anything modern, and that seriously bothered me. It would be so hard to stay off things like that, and although she had some sort of difficulty, it is nothing compared to the feelings that I had imagined. Also, I think it almost would have been better without a list, as the story seemed very structured. Very this and very that, so much so I couldn't really imagine any of the "list" part of the story becoming real. It's like those middle grade stories that go through 3 battles. First the scorpions, then the tiger, then the dragon. It just seemed odd and out of place. My favourite part about the list was how it brought Oliver and Mallory together. Going Vintage is not a bad book, don't get me wrong. But if you don't like corny characters and portrayal of plot-line, then I would skip this book and head onto a Nicholas Sparks or something.

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