Friday, 16 November 2012

Hex Hall Book Talk

Disclaimer: This is not a book review! It's more like a "Let's Talk" episode from theReadables (

No-Spoilers! I've finished this book in such little time... It was such a fast read! The pace was perfect, and the style of writing was amazing and easy to get through. It was obvious that Rachel Hawkins put in a lot of thought before starting this book because the story was a bit complicated, but was still easy to understand (if that made any sense).

SPOILER ALERT! I was so mad when Archer was an Eye. Although I was super glad he loved Sophie still (at least it seemed like it because he didn't kill her) but I was still terribly upset!! I was also unhappy when I found out that Alice was a demon. I mean, it was stupid of me not to notice before the end that that is what she was, but it still was frustrating.

I'm so excited to read the second book! Have you read any of the books in the Hex Hall Trilogy? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!


  1. I love this, its seems like a great read if you have some spare time and want to fill it with a nice, fast and good read. Its awesome how you said SPOILER ALERT that is very considerate to the people reading your posts. Great job Brianna :D

  2. I'm thinking about reading this book. Is it any good? It seems good but I'm not sure if it is, and I would love to read your input. Also this doesn't have anything to do with the reflection but would you mind changing the font? It's a bit difficult for me to read. Thanks!