Thursday, 8 November 2012

Variant Book Talk

I read this book over the summer... and I loved it!!! It was defiantly a 5 star read.

Non-Spoiler Section: At the beginning of the book I hated Benson. He was so well made that Benson's annoying now-it-all personality. The other character's were just as good. The plot was also very fast-paced (my type of book), it got into the action right away. So did the maturity. In the first few chapters of the book a couple inappropriate topics were mentioned, but it didn't carry on. But you should keep on going, read this book, and enjoy it!

"Keep calm and read Variant!" - Brianna >:P

SPOILER ALERT!! Don't make me ruin you. If you haven't read this book yet then stop reading this paragraph. Seriously. You're still reading this? Whoa. You're a bad kitty. Anyways... I couldn't believe it when Jane turned out to be a robot. She felt so real with personality, and Benson lost his lover. It made me so sad! I thought that when Jane took off her black ear that she was a real person... it was a pretty darn nasty image in my mind. I was really excited to see that the characters I hated were robots to. He he he. Oh and the end was so creepy. I read this before I knew there was going to be a sequel and I literarily threw the book on the ground and was like, "Seriously!!! I need you sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"I couldn't handle Jane coming back. It still gives me butterflies in my stomach when I think about it. (Behind the Scenes: The people around me are looking at me creepily because I'm putting my hands to my face and screaming. I promise you, I'm not insane. You will understand as you come to the end.)

So please read Variant. Please.

WARNING! It is not guaranteed that the comment section with be spoiler free.

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  2. Hi Brianna,

    Your blog is amazing! I absolutely love your title and all your posts. It seems that you have spent a lot of your time adding posts, so good for you. It is fantastic that you put so much effort and after reading some posts, they are really good. Your book reviews and litspiration show another example of how magnificent your blog is so far and of course, it can only get better. Good Job!

    - Maggie

  3. Hey Brianna, This is editing, when you stated Benson's Personality you forgot the k in know. (you wrote now.) And you said with instead of will when you stated: "WARNING! It is not guaranteed that the comment section with be spoiler free."