Saturday, 3 November 2012

Loki's Character Playlist

Loki is one of my favourite, it not my absolute favourite character in the Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking. He is so flirty, sweet so he's hard not to enjoy reading about. Therefore, I have decided to create a fun, creative character playlist for this character. I made notes on little details, like how he through rap out the window (literally) in the short story of Switched and the artists he listened to when taking Wendy to the Vittra palace. I hope you enjoy!

       Neil Young
o   Heart of Gold
§  I chose this song because Loki cares so much about Wendy and he has a Heart of Gold himself. The song also says that the person is searching for a heart of gold. To me, it seems like Wendy is Loki’s “heart of gold”. She likes to help people and her kingdom, even if it means sacrificing herself to the Vittra King. Seen in Torn and Ascend.
o   The Needle and the Damage Done
§  I chose this song because Loki has seen so much damage done and has experienced so much damage (his father, Queen Sara, Wendy, himself). I thought that this song relates to him well and that he would feel very connected to it. From the last two books in the Trylle Trilogy, Torn and Ascend.
·      Ryan Adams
o   If I Am a Stranger
§  I chose this song because I feel like the lyrics explain the things that are happening between Loki and Wendy. I think that if Loki was a song artist that this is the song that he would write and dedicate to Wendy. This song repeats how if he lets the love go than he may not be able to be there. This is almost exactly what happened in the final book, Ascend.
o   Ashes and Fire
§  This song speaks of how “his” heart getting gnawed away and how “she” cries. It s assumed that they are heartbroken for each other but it just cannot be. This is the exact same situation that Loki and Wendy were in throughout Torn and Ascend.
·      The Raconteurs
o   Steady As She Goes
§  Loki, being the flirty guy he is, fits perfectly into this song. Right from the beginning, it just seems like something he would say to Finn or Tove. In the real song it says, “Find yourself a girl and settle down. Live a simple life in a quiet town.” If I were to “translate” this into Loki’s language, this is how it would go, “She’s mine suckers. Go and yourself another girl and leave Wendy alone.” Seen in Torn and Ascend especially.
o   Many Shades of Black
§  “It’s been a completely wasted-free year.” It’s like the Raconteurs took this line right from Ascend or maybe vice versa. In Ascend Loki says to Wendy, “Everything I went through. For you. It was worth it.” There are some things in this song that don’t relate to Loki such as the line, “Everyone sees, and everyone agrees that you and I are wrong.” But this song still relates to him a lot.
·      Bob Dylan
o   Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
§  This song reminds me a lot of Loki’s death in Ascend. He was “knock knock knockin’” on Heaven’s door before Sara and Wendy used their powers on him to bring him back. I think that Loki would have this song on his iPod to remind him of this.
o   Lay Lady Lay
§  From just the title this is sure to relate to Loki and Wendy’s relationship throughout the Trylle Trilogy, especially Ascend. The song says, “Lay lady lay on my big brass bed.” This is practically what Loki asked Wendy to do.

Do you think I made the right choices for Loki's playlist? Leave comment below on what you think.



  1. Love the selections because of your explanations. Only things that could've made it better? Pictures, links to the actual songs, and quotes from the book. Overall, awesome.

  2. That is so awesome!!! I loved how you picked so many songs and gave a very good explanation for each one. From all of the other posts I have seen no one explained it as well as you did! I searched up each of the songs because all of the songs sound interesting. It turns out I know more then half of the songs you chose. :) I find that most country and old rock singers have more feeling in there songs. Most of the songs that you chose were country and old rock singers. I love all of the songs that you chose they all sound very nice. I want to read that book know.

    This is an amazing litsperation challenge!!! Good job :D