Friday, 18 January 2013

Reading Update (4)

I am going to start calling my book reflections reading updates. Well, sorta. Here's how it will work:

Reading Update: When I'm partway through the book and I'm reflecting on what I've read so far.

Book Talk (I used to call them Book Reflections): When I've finished a book and I just want to talk about it, not create a book review.

Book Review: When I've finished a book and am reviewing it, pretty self explanatory.

Now on with the Reading Update!!!

The first book that I am reading is Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder, and oh my goodness. Wow. This is such a good book. The writing is very descriptive and paints a lovely picture in my mind. I feel like I'm in Yelena's world. I also really like the names of the characters. It gives a good sense of the time period, and I really like how Maria's work shows me that and doesn't tell me. I also really like that the synopsis doesn't give anything away. The action starts from the beginning, with only a few pages as an exposition, and even that part isn't boring. I just love Poison Study so much!!!!!

The second book that I am currently reading is Gone by Michael Grant, and I feel the same way about this read as I do with my other book. They both are fast-paced and descriptive... amazing. This book also keeps in suspicion of what's going to happen next. I'm really, super excited to read more!!

And, just for fun, I am going to share with you my scientific theory of why all the adults are gone in Gone.
Does anyone know what sublimation means? Well, I was talking to my dad about science class yesterday, and he mentioned this word to me since we were talking about mix and flow of matter. It is when a solid goes to a gas, skipping the liquid stage. Not a bad explanation if I do say so myself.

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