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Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters

Top Ten Tuesday originates at The Broke and the Bookish. It is where us book bloggers name our top tens. This week it is the top ten most frustrating characters. These are not in order by the way.

Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters – Jan. 29th
  1. Thomas from The Maze Runner. I hated how he asked so many questions! It seemed to me like he "needed" to know everything. It frustuarted me, and I overall, just didn't like him as a person.
  2. Saba and Emmi (in a combined effort) from Blood Red Road. At the beginning they always fought about nothing, and it seemed so stupid... Not that I speak from experience.
  3. Janco from Inside Out and Outside In: I sorta like him to be honest, but you know. We all have that friend that is SO annoying but you like them anyways, and that's kinda how I feel about Janco. In Inside Out I found him more annoying than in Outside In, but I still found him frustrating.
  4. Bubba Bloom in Outside In: Number one, he loves Trella, and buddy, that's just not right. I love Riley so much, and a second choice would be Cog. Not only that, but he spoke like he was against everything that everyone else but him and Trella said. How frustrating!!!!!
  5. Riley from Outside In: Only in Outside In and only in one instance. SPOILER ALERT! You know when Riley and Trella were showering together for the second time? Well, you know how Riley stopped their relationship? I got so frustrated! I didn't think that Trella did anything wrong, at least, not anything bad enough to cause a break-up between the two. They were meant for each other!!! SPOILER OVER!
  6. Rand from Poison Study: He's kind of like Janco. Again, frustrating but nice. I thought that he was very cocky, and that part I found very annoying and frustrating. Why couldn't he just carry on a normal conversation without the boastfulness?
  7. Quinn from Gone: Don't get me wrong, Quinn is really awesome, but honestly?! You see a little 11-year-old-girl get beat up by a big, strong guy with a club, and you don't step in?! What is that?
  8. Gale from The Hunger Games: I can think of one instance in this book in which I found him frustrating, and that was when he was watching Katniss and Peeta kiss. Yes, he was jealous, but come on! If you love Katniss that much then let her be with who she wants to be! That may be a bit bias since I'm on team Peeta...
  9. Katniss from Mockingjay: Only from Mockingjay though. Katniss was pretty ninja in the other two, but in Mockingjay she didn't DO anything!!!! I mean, come on Katniss!
  10. Four from Insurgent: Don't get me wrong, Four is amazing, but come on buddy. Shake it off a little. He gets so arrogant and conceited in the second book. He... just don't get me started.

What are your top tens? Leave a comment or blog link below!

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