Thursday, 7 February 2013

Looking Forward (1)

I am going to be starting a new post series that I will be calling "Looking Forward" as you can tell from the title. These posts will be kind of like reading updates, except they will be more focused on my blog or my writing.

What to Look For:
  • I will be posting a alternate text review on the Killer Bunnies Card game. Be sure to look out for that, coming out either today or tomorrow.
  • I am also hoping to film a Gone movie trailer, but this will probably come up a little bit later, next week, perhaps. I want it to be good, so it will take more time.
  • Also, I NEED to finish Angelfall. It has taken me over a week to get 65 pages into a book, and I am very mad at myself for it. I need to get into my other three books for this month, and hopefully my January books that I didn't finish. Ahhhhhh... I hope it gets better soon.
  • And finally, my other book reviews (Stargirl, Gone, Wings, Blood Red Road...). I am hoping to put up little notes on Goodreads, so be sure to check out my profile for these mini reviews. After I get a couple other things off of my hands (the above points), I will write a full-on review of the books.
I'm so sad. :( I haven't been keeping up with my writing. My goal of writing for 15 minutes or more per day has gone down the drain. I am hoping to continue with this goal now, but I don't have any ideas. If you are willing to share any prompting words or phrases, please leave them in the comments! I would love the inspiration. :D

Comment below if you like the idea of this post series.

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