Thursday, 21 February 2013

March 2013 Viewers Choice

Hey guys! So I need you opinion. For the month of March I am having a hard time choosing a topic, so I have made it up to you to choose the one that you would like me to do. A poll will be on the side-bar. Anyways, the choices are...

  1. Green Book Covers
  2. Books over 500 Pages
  3. Sequels
  4. New Releases
  5. Best-Looking Covers
If you have any books that you would like to tell me about that fit into any of these categories, please leave a comment! I would love to hear about it!!! Also, if you go to the "March 2013 TBR" list on goodreads and check out my votes, you will be able to know what books are a possibility for each of the categories. Plus you can add your ideas too!

Thank-you so much for supporting me and I will talk to you guys later. Bye!


  1. Haha, I voted on your list and I chose one from these categories: Sequels, two best covers, one new release, so you would think I would choose best covers, but overall I would love to see what you think on some sequels. :) Second choice: best covers. Third choice: new releases. Fourth choice: green book covers. Fifth choice: books over 500 pages (noooo.... Eragon.....).

  2. Hello Brianna,

    Your blog is very frequently updated with pretty fonts AND a pretty background AND varying amounts types of post. All of that combined = Superbly awesome. I chose "more 500 page books" and when I say "more 500 page books" I actually mean Lord of the Rings because that book is just that awesome :P. Otherwise I'd choose sequels, sadly I don't know any outstanding sequels. Also what does the "Hunger Games" tributes poll mean? It confuses me. Lastly, you have an awesome name, keep up the good work!

    Sincerely Jared

  3. I nominate YOU for the liebster blog award!!!!