Monday, 4 February 2013

Poison Study Review On Review

Hello Guys! Today I am going to be doing another review on a review. This time, I am going to be assessing Mac's review of Poison Study over at Live to Read, Read to Live. So, without further ado, the review (hee hee, that rhymed)!

Mac mentioned in his review the characters, and how they were introduced too quickly. "What I thought about this book was that it was very weird how they introduced some of the characters." I disagree with this statement. I thought that the characters were introduced nicely. We got to know what we needed to know about the character in order to understand at the beginning. Then, as I got to know them better, some of their back-story. The relationships between the characters were also gradual and realistic (in my opinion) which added to the story. There was also no insta-love, which is a double thumbs up. Mac also wrote about the pacing of the book, and how it was action-packed. I totally agree with him here. There was so much going on, yet their wasn't so much that it is overwhelming.

Poison Study is a great book for readers of, practically all ages. There was some violence and mature terms, which is why I say practically. Anyone over the age of 12 should defiantly go and pick up this novel. I instantly feel in love with the characters, plot and setting. I found it really interesting to read about the time-period. I found myself reading about "new" inventions that sound a lot like some everyday things in my life.

"Good, isn't it? My latest recipe. I take a long strip of pastry dough, cover it with cinnamon, roll it up into a ball, bake it, and then spread the icing on while it's hot. I'm having some trouble with the name though. Cinnamon call? Ball? Swirl?"~ pg. 70, Poison Study.

To me that sounds a lot like cinnamon buns! It made me wonder, are they discovering or re-discovering them? Later events in the story helped me conclude that it, indeed, is in the future times or in another dimension. The suspense of this book was also incredible. There was a cliff-hanger off of every chapter  as well as at the end of the book. It is a never-ending adventure that you should go and pick up and read. Happy reading!!

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